10 actionable steps for a successful site launch (+ free checklist)

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For the past couple of years, having a strategic launch plan has been an important and much talked-out topic on Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. While mostly I see this applied to course and membership launches, it’s something that’s absolutely crucial for launching a new site (or relaunching after realigning your vision and goals).

What is a launch plan?

A launch plan is, quite simply, the foundation of your site. Laying down the groundwork for your content, design and branding, it’s your blueprint.

It’s not the first thing that comes to mind for everyone, because creating a site for the first time is an exciting prospect and they just want to get down to business. It’s okay if you’re into your 5th year of business and haven’t the foggiest about a launch plan.

If you’re considering a relaunch, planning should be your first step.

It’s not a step I took in my first year of business, and that’s okay. After my relaunch last year, I finally got it. It’s something I couldn’t ignore anymore.

That’s why created my guide to help you plan your site launch with 10 actionable steps, from defining your dream client profile, to choosing a platform and design.

Launching for introverts

This comes up as a hurdle more than you think! But I’ve got news for you. Even extroverts get nervous when it’s go-time for launching their site.

When it comes attracting dream clients, getting daily email subscribers, waking up to find your inbox bursting and Instagram blowin’ up, introverts and extroverts share the same passion, and even the same fears.

Having that big launch doesn’t mean being someone you’re not.

If you’re an introvert, the best thing you can do to attract your ideal audience is to be YOU. If you’re shy, nerdy and even a little bit awkward, but know your stuff, people who feel a connection to your personality will believe in you and your services or product.

I’m an introvert myself, and I stopped worrying long ago that people would think I’m not successful, knowledgeable or an expert in my field if I didn’t have a YouTube channel, have daily Facebook Lives or appear on podcasts to prove my worth.

Late last year I had my first ever Facebook Live interview with The Savvy Vault and I was unapologetically myself. Shy, but humble (I hope!) and spoke about the topics with passion and excitement. I received such good feedback from the group. This year, I went live on my own, and again I was my real self. That’s what the community wanted.

Download your free guide for a successful launch plan

Download your free guide & checklist

It’s go time! I’m hooking you up with my free guide on planning a successful site launch in 10 steps, plus my printable launch checklist and ClickUp template (if online checklists are more your thing) for you to complete the steps as you move through the guide.

This guide will help you get started from day one of your pre-launch plan, putting together all the steps you need to attract dream clients and grow your list.

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I’m rather fond of 80s and 90s movies, shopping for second-hand shop bargains, scrapbooking and travelling (to be continued, obv).

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