Ten types of content to publish on Pinterest for creatives

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If you’ve built a content strategy for social media, your blog and email marketing, it makes total sense to create a strategy for Pinterest too. Without one, your activity can be irregular with no sense of direction. That spells bad news for your Pinterest Insights reports! Below are some of my favourite types of content to post on Pinterest:

Pins by Coded Creative, Station Seven and Juniper & Roots

Blog Posts

Around 70% of my Pinterest feed is full of blog posts! Whatever the topic, make sure your blog post makes a grand entrance on Pinterest. Think of a pin for your blog post as the packaging for your article.

You head into a store, browse the cereal isle, and what do you see first? The packaging. With the exception of certain brands of muesli and granola, the contents are concealed and its packaging tells you what’s inside.

See, just pinning your featured image to Pinterest isn’t enough. Your graphic needs to tell the user what they’ll learn or get when they click through to your post. A key point to remember is that a high number of users are scrolling through the Pinterest feed on their phone, so ensure you test your pinned image by viewing it on your mobile, and check that the text is readable without the need to squint.

Motivational quote ideas to post on Pinterest

Inspirational quotes shared on my Girl Boss Quotes board on Pinterest

Inspirational Quotes

According to Hubspot, inspirational quotes are in the top 10 of the most popular Pinterest Categories of 2019. These can certainly skyrocket your Instagram following when pinning straight from your Pinterest account.

My two cents? Add your instagram username in your quotes to increase traffic to your Instagram, letting Pinterest users know the quote is linked to your Instagram profile.

Design template ideas to post on Pinterest

Pins by Isabela Schielke, Ruben Stom Design and Molly Ho Studio

Digital Products

Oh, now we’re talking! Making a passive income through digital products is one of the most lucrative revenue streams, and drives a lot of traffic from Pinterest when done right. Because these are very much visual, the best-performing pins for digital products include screenshots and previews of your product with a call to action button.

Examples of digital products include Instagram story templates, WordPress themes, illustrations, fonts, welcome guides, and pretty much anything you can download. They can also include online courses and memberships.

Courses & Memberships

Also rockin’ it on the passive income scene, online courses and memberships need to be on Pinterest! If your courses and memberships are evergreen (in other words, they don’t have a deadline for applications and signups), Pinterest is a great way to promote them.

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That’s not to say that courses and memberships with a limited number of signups shouldn’t be on Pinterest. But ideally, if this is the case, you should have a waiting list so that you’re not wasting valuable traffic from Pinterest.

Free Downloads

Do you have a free download or resource when someone subscribes to your list? Pinterest is solid gold for increasing exposure to your lead magnets, resource libraries and opt-ins.

The best method to publish your freebies on Pinterest is to create a landing page for your users to get a sneak preview of what they’re exchanging their email address for.

A quick and easy popup sounds simple enough, but your analytics will provide some valuable insights to the performance of your lead magnets when you create a dedicated page or blog post, and not everyone likes popups!

YouTube Videos & Podcasts

Since the summer of 2019, Pinterest allows you to publish videos. This is great news for YouTubers and can generate lots of traffic to your YouTube channel and videos!

For Podcasts, the most popular format is similar to creating pins to promote your latest blog post. Many podcasters I follow on Pinterest post on their blog when they’ve uploaded their latest podcast episode, with a link to the Podcast. Steph Taylor does this beautifully, using PlinkHQ to list her podcast links.

Logo design ideas to post on Pinterest

Pins by Tatiana Soash, Vervaine Design Studio and Studio Antheia

Portfolio & Case Studies

Because Pinterest is a visual search engine, it’s also used for inspiration. Shocker, I know! If you’re a creative (web designer, illustrator, user experience designer, photographer, animator, social media designer, brand designer, etc) with a visual portfolio, Pinterest is a great platform to showcase your work and build your traffic.

Some of the best examples I’ve seen of case studies on Pinterest are compelling headlines. My faves are sorta like “How I helped Indigo Bridal grow their Instagram from 5k to 25k” and “How my client landed a $500k contract within 6 weeks of their rebrand”. Oh and FYI, call to action buttons adds a dynamic feel to both image and video pins!

Tips & Tutorials

Let’s talk about content repurposing. If you have a blog post with a list of tips, reasons and benefits as part of your overall topic, creating pins for each tip is a great way to repurpose that content.

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Or, let’s look at it another way. If you’re active in Facebook communities have shared your tips, knowledge and insights with other users, repurpose it for Pinterest!

Facebook Groups

Talking of groups, have you shared yours on Pinterest? If you’re running a community on Facebook, sharing it on Pinterest is going to give you even more exposure.

It pays to create a stunning image to promote your group, so if you’re adopting this madness method when you’re publishing your blog posts on Pinterest, do this for your group too! Better images get better engagement.

Branding photoshoot ideas to post on Pinterest

Pins by Hipster Mum Photography, Christine Andrew and Copperheart Creative

Branding Photography

When Pinterest launched in 2010, it was all about inspiration, and it still is.

I’m planning my first branding photoshoot in 2021 and I’ve created a branding photography moodboard with inspirational branding photoshoots and scenes. You only need to search for branding photoshoot ideas on Pinterest to find hundreds of boards for this topic, and even more pins for your inspiration.

If you’ve recently had a personal branding photoshoot, or you’re a photographer, your images have the potential to be pinned by millions for ideas and inspiration.

How to increase your Pinterest engagement

While having a content plan is putting you on the right track, organically growing your Pinterest is no overnight victory. So I’ve got a massive hack for you. Tailwind Tribes!

Before I started using Tailwind (and I mean really use it, religiously), my organic reach on Pinterest was a bit.. bleak. It was alright, but I obviously needed a boost. Joining Tailwind really put me out there and within 72 hours I had:

  • Increased my impressions on Pinterest by 7,000
  • Received 150 visits to my site from just one pin
  • Was in the top 5 weekly highlights in my most active Tribes
  • Received twice as much daily shares vs. just posting on Pinterest
Grab your $15 Tailwind voucher

What I love about Tailwind was that I immediately got a free $15 voucher to apply to my first month of a paid Tailwind account (only available through invitation). Yeah, it was so good that within 24 hours I bought a Tribes power-up so I could access more than 5 Tribes. Tailwind is free for a limited amount of scheduled pins, but if you want to get more, you can claim your voucher that lasts you a whole month of pro.


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