meet dawn

your content creator, marketing consultant & web designer

I work with entrepreneurs, ecommerce brands, bloggers and agencies to create a strategic experience through collaboration, carefully planned content and a design that both looks and performs beautifully.

Hello there,

I’m Dawn Osolinski.

I’m a full-time freelance web designer, content creator and marketing strategist from Manchester. I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs grow their audience online.

When I joined a PR and marketing team as a Junior Account Exec, I found my passion and career in Marketing. In the mid 00’s, digital was turning a corner, so I worked hard to build my expertise. I followed trends and methods in SEO, learning from industry experts.

The past decade has been so jam packed with ideas, goals and challenges, it’s been unreal! I’ve ran webinars, training events, collaborated with other brands, worked with agencies and launched side projects to create multiple streams of income.

I believe in simplicity & success

My creative approach is founded on my belief that less is more, designing websites for an effortless user experience, creating sharable content and converting visitors to high-end clients. Every page is an opportunity, and first impressions count.

My mission is to help you make your website work for you 24 hours a day, attracting your dream clients and creating effortless lead funnels.