Hey there, I'm Dawn.

I’m here to help you pour your passion into your business, so you can wake up every day feeling refreshed, motivated and inspired!

I’m a freelance project manager and OBM (online business manager) working with creatives and service providers to create a memorable client experience, effortless workflow systems and marketing plan.

For over 10 years I’ve worked with creative freelancers and agencies to coaches, consultants and SEOs. I love long term collabs to support purposeful brands, creating lasting experiences and results.

My fave apps and tools for running my business (as well as my clients’) include Dubsado, Asana, ClickUp, Quickbooks, Canva and ConvertKit. I love managing sites on WordPress, Shopify and Squarespace too!

Fun facts about me


I met my husband on MySpace #feelingretro through our love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer


I love being in the kitchen and found my love of cooking thanks to Pinch of Nom books!


My fave things about growing up (from age 12) in the 90s were Buffy, Clueless and Britpop.


I live 90 seconds away from a farmers market, love buying local and supporting indie boutiques.


If we have a chance coffee meeting, my order is a gingerbread latte (or iced mocha in the summer).


 I’m an ambivert, having both introvert and extrovert personalities, depending on my environment.

Let's talk about you

So you’ve thrown yourself into managing your business, created some epic services and found some pretty awesome clients. I love that!

But what comes next is no easy feat, and you know it. While you’re busy creating websites, hopping on coaching calls or planning your next course, you need to reply to emails, update clients, plan your workflows, create client welcome packs and manage projects.

Even Hermoine had to turn back time to #doallthethings.

Does this sound like your mission for 2021/22?

  • A solid system for organising your clients and projects
  • Get fully booked for consistent and scalable income
  • A clear snapshot of your marketing plan for the next year
  • Create meaningful relationships with your clients

I get it, I really do. I truly believe that your systems, strategies and processes should bring confidence and joy into your business.

professional bio

Freelance project manager for creatives with an epic mission​

Bridging the dots between creativity, strategy and client experience, I work with savvy entrepreneurs to bring clarity and vision to their everyday business, from workflows to projects and brand experience.

I’ve spent over a decade in business, running workshops, creating profitable landing pages, running online communities and 1:1 training. I have managed multiple photography franchises, as well as running a small Shopify design agency, managing freelance collective teams and creating courses.

Before launching my business, I worked for iconic brands and organisations including Asda, Northern Foods (the company behind Holland’s and Goodfella Pizzas), NHS and Bupa Healthcare.

I found my passion in marketing when I joined the marketing and PR team at Northern Foods. As I worked with account managers and project managers, seeing the impact of marketing made me pursue my career in the industry. When I left the company due to moving out of the city, I started my freelance journey as a content creator, which grew to running an agency. That’s where I found my joy in project management.

I owe my business acumen to my love of learning through exploring and following marketing methods, theories and practices, as well as connecting with industry experts. I attend BrightonSEO twice a year (an event that was hosted online in 2020), where I learn valuable updates and insights in digital marketing.